Sustainability coaching

Your company wants to be socially responsible, but the strategy or vision isn’t clearly defined yet? Would you like to work according to the ISO 26000 standard or contribute to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations? Then we will gladly assist you.

Strategy & implementation

In collaboration with our experts from Trendhuis we will design, along with you, a CSR-route. We’ll decide on CSR priorities, on the basis of the ISO 26000 norm, and investigate how these values can be anchored within your organizational culture.

  • CSR as a strategic choice: introductory workshop
  • SDG’s or sustainable development goals: how can you contribute to more sustainability for our planet and society? We will help you meet the international standards and objectives.
  • From theory to practice: implementation of a CSR management system

CSR communication and marketing

Communication and marketing are important factors when dealing with CSR. Internal and external stakeholders need to be well informed, if you want CSR to come to life. Time4Society can (help) elaborate your online and offline communication and marketing.

  • Durability reports
  • CSR platform
  • Newsletters
  • And so on

Sustainable HR: Talent4Society

Or create a solidarity job together with Time4Society! Some examples?

Switching Talent

By offering employees a new, stimulating working environment, that differs from their normal working environment, we’re stimulating them to (re)discover and develop their talents.

How are we doing this, you might ask? By means of short workplace exchanges, at companies and organisations based in Flanders and Brussels. And always around the theme of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In order to take everyone’s talents into account, our talent track is making use of a talent scan. This talent track also answers to the growing need of sustainable entrepreneurship training, and matches talents and leaning needs with the new learning and working environments.


where employees who are in need of reorientation, (re)discover their possibilities during sustainable internships and receive a certificate for it afterwards.

  • 1. Measuring talent: scan & interview
  • 2. Developing talent: customized internship
  • 3. Validating talent: through Level 5 method

This methodology has been awarded more than once

  • Vitaèbella award: European award for lifelong learning (2015
  • European award for innovation and social inclusion (2017)

Time4Society Europe

You are interested in CSR and SDGs and want to implement this in your company? Time4Society is your ideal partner. We design your sustainability project with you. There are three different ways:

  1. T4S Basic - Societal Teambuilding
    T4S connects you with social organisations and organises societal teambuilding sessions with your employees.
  2. T4S Advanced - SDG Explorer
    In T4S Advanced, your employees explore and improve their professional environment as part of a self-directed, web-based training program (SDG-FIT) conforming the United Nations SDG’s.
  3. T4S Premium
    Time4YourTalent is a tailor-made talent sharing internship programme with a strong focus on CSR. The programme consists of the following components: an introduction day or follow-up workshop, a five-day internship and a web-based environment with a mobile app.

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We're Able!

With the international project 'We're Able', Time4Society promotes inclusive entrepreneurship.

Together with partner organisations from Lithuania (SOPA) and Bulgaria (EYES), a 'Talent Game' is being developed that sensitises companies on working with people with disabilities. The role-playing game offers six different scenarios and relies on three pillars: talents, empathy and problem-solving.

Organisations or companies interested in the game can contact Time4Society!

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • “A lot of companies have difficulties putting their CSR values into practice. We’re keen to help, as it is our core business.”
    Nathalie Bekx, managing director Time4Society

  • “After this workshop, we’ve immediately decided to position CSR even deeper in our strategy and to participate in several projects that benefit society.”

  • “Time4Society gave a presentation on CSR and its services to our board of directors. Now our teams invest in social projects every year.”

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